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Currently in post-production: Andasibe, a feature-length documentary shot in Madagascar in late 2013.  It follows the conservation efforts occurring in the small community of Andasibe to help reforest the country, a nation where it’s estimated that less than five percent of its native forests remain.

The filmmakers

Denise Dragiewicz

Marc Dragiewicz

Filmed in Malawi, this short documentary spotlights two British women who relocated to the country and set up myriad community outreach programs including a nursery and primary school for local children, nutritional assistance programs for people infected with HIV, and a center for people with disabilities, among many others.

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Help Us Reach Our Goal

At the present time, for Andasibe, the principal photography is complete and the editing process is underway.  We are looking to raise funds to carry this project from post-production through the film festival circuit and finally up to distribution. 

Currently, for the first tier of post-production funding, our goal is to raise $25,000, which would provide for payment to the assistant editor and allow me to hire a co-editor to work in tandem with my own efforts.  Support would also be used toward producer fees, translations and subtitles, and original music composition.  Please help us get this important film to global audiences by making a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, New York Women in Film and Television.



Filmed in Mozambique, a nation ravaged by deforestation and constant warfare, Ndzou Camp tells the story of a small community determined to protect their elephant population and conserve their natural resources while pursuing tourism as a means of a more sustainable future. 

Ruboni Community Camp is a cooperatively owned lodge, which is used as a base camp for hiking the Rwenzori Mountains, famously called the Mountains of the Moon.  Proceeds from the camp go directly to the community, helping to pay school fees for local children, buying back land for reforestation adjacent to Rwenzori National Park, and providing classes to the community on sustainable agriculture.

Ruboni community camp

tropical andean forests

The forests of the tropical Andes probably hold more species than any other bio-region on earth and are considered the "global epicenter of biodiversity."  Steep, varied, and rugged terrain make myriad micro-climates high in endemism.  Steep slopes and inaccessibility have hampered human encroachment in comparison to other areas of our planet, but human population pressure is increasing along with the duel threat of climate change.  We are currently networking with scientists and conservationists in Ecuador where we will visit and film innovative  conservation projects.  We plan to return to South America in 2016 to film in Peru and possibly Bolivia and/or Columbia.